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HCG Phase 4 / P4 – WEIGHT LOSS Maintenance: how to do it and what to eat

Congratulations on making it through the HCG protocol and phase 3! HCG can be really challenging, and it takes focus, discipline, personal growth, and a serious intent to get this far. Yea!

The second 3 weeks after HCG, P4 (P3 – part 2 as some people call it), is just as important as the first three weeks of Maintenance (Phase 3) in stabilizing your weight. I encourage you to take it seriously. Give your body the time it needs to adjust to your new weight, and take time to develop new eating habits.

The information that I have found regarding this phase is pretty confusing. I have read varied & mixed things about it. In Linda Prinster’s book, she calls the second three weeks of Maintenance ‘P3 part 2’ and she calls ‘Phase 4′ the time after the Maintenance Phase, also referred to as ‘on with life’. In other materials, the second 3 weeks of maintenance is called Phase 4 or P4, which is how I learned it. Recently I heard that P4 is considered the entire time between the end of P3 and your next round, so it can be many weeks long.

The part of the protocol that I am referring to in this post is the second 3 weeks of maintenance and I am calling it the start of Phase 4 or P4.

P1: Loading Days
P2: VCLD: weight loss portion
P3: First three weeks of maintenance
P4: Second three weeks of maintenance: sometimes called stabilization, or P3 part 2
After that: On with Life!

What I can tell you is what has worked for me and for others that I have supported. Be sure to read Linda Prinster’s Book and the original protocol regarding HCG, however I have found those books to be pretty vague about this part also.

I have found that it is a good idea to stick with the NO SUGAR & NO STARCHES rule for these three weeks also, except for sweeter fruits and some starchier vegetables. Some books recommend starting to integrate sugars and starches at this time and many people are successful at it. Others even try this in the first three weeks of Phase 3.

I personally think that for this phase of stabilization, it is a good idea to stay away from sugary foods and most starches, and to very slowly test other new foods out. (*see my list below of P4 foods to test). You will note that I have included some starchier and sweeter foods than in P3: I just don’t eat breads, pastas, desserts, etc. In other words, do NOT jump into eating desserts and pastas, flour filled sauces, and other foods that could cause weight gain. I tend to go really slowly, and to err on the side of caution. For me, starting to eat heavier foods at this point is not worth the risk of gaining the weight back. The good news is that after HCG and P3, I really didn’t crave those foods, and found that foods like apples or persimmons became pure decadence.

In addition, this is a great time to teach yourself how to eat differently. The longer you stay away from desserts, pastas, and similar foods, the more you will get used to not having them all the time and you may find that you truly break some habitual eating patterns. Of course, everyone is different, and you have to discover what works best for you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that HCG (or any weight loss program) is a miracle cure. It is easy to think that you can lose weight, and then go back to your old eating habits and not gain it back. (I am sure that most of us wish that were true!) The big advantage of the HCG protocol is that it gives you a fresh start, however, you do need to change your eating habits if you want to keep the weight off long term.

I do think that is important to use P4 is to continue to stabilize your weight; I don’t think that the three weeks of P3 is enough for many of us. I have found that it takes not only the time in P3, but at least 3 more weeks in P4, and then perhaps 6 -12 or more weeks after that to really set your weight at a new level. After losing weight so quickly on HCG, your body wants to gain it right back. You really need to give yourself time by being really careful for a while, and retrain your body and mind so that your new weight becomes the norm.

I know that my body fluctuated A LOT the first 6 weeks after HCG, and for at least 6 – 12 more weeks after that. Now, 9 months after my last round, my weight is really stable as long as I am thoughtful and conscious about how I eat, but it took awhile to get here.

Please take a moment to read my blog post on going slowly in P3 if you haven’t already.
Tips on P3

The ideas and philosophies that I shared about P3 are the same for P4. By this point, you should have gotten your calorie count up to a stable level for you. Depending on your age and activity level, the ‘sweet spot’ for you (where you get enough food, you feel satisfied and energized, and you don’t gain or lose weight) might be anywhere from an average of 1500 calories a day to about 2500. Dr Simeon and Linda Prinster both recommend that you weigh yourself everyday during these phases and I agree. It keeps you honest and accountable, and helps you see the effects of what you eat.

I also suggest that you count calories. Many people have no idea how much food they are consuming, and it is really easy to overeat. Counting calories for awhile will get you used to eating a healthy amount of food and it will assist you in understanding what is the right amount of food for you. You will quickly understand why you gain weight if you are eating too many calories. (There are many easy to use phone applications that make it simple to keep track. I personally love ‘lose it’ on the iphone.)

I am not much for ‘fact’s and ‘figures’ however, I found it interesting that there are quite a few studies easily found on the web that show that people who count calories and weigh themselves daily after weight loss are more likely to maintain their new weight.

Another way that you can use P3 and P4, along with stabilization, is to discover what makes you gain weight. You can do this by integrating foods very slowly and see what effect different things have on you. You may be surprised at what makes you gain weight and what doesn’t.

For example, I found that almonds almost always make me gain weight, however, I can eat a small portion of peanuts or peanut butter and not gain weight. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Most forms of dairy almost always makes me gain weight. Major Bummer 🙁  But butter and cream don’t seem to. It really makes no sense to me, but by integrating foods very slowly during P3, P4, and after, I have learned how to maintain my weight over time by only eating certain foods ‘with caution’, thoroughly enjoying other foods I used to think were ‘off limits’ and being more deliberate in my food choices.

Another reason to integrate foods slowly is so that you can pay close attention to what different foods do to your body and your state of mind. HCG gives you a clean slate. Take this time to discover how different foods affect you; what makes you sleepy, bloated, gain weight, or feel heavy? What foods leave you feeling energized, well fed, comfortable in your body, and good, and clear headed?

The best way that I have found to integrate new foods is to alternate what you eat. Try something new one day and then wait a day to see how you feel and see if your weight fluctuates. In other words, in P4, VERY slowly integrate some new “healthy” carbs (*see the list below), and notice the effect those food have on you.

For example, one day, have some green beans. Wait a day. Then have some almonds. Wait a day, then try a banana. Etc. Let your body accommodate to the new foods slowly. Pay close attention to which foods make you gain weight and which don’t, and what effect different foods have on your moods, energy, and attitude.

I think that it is really important to be careful about not getting into diet mode and trying to cut calories. If you are anything like me, that will just get you back into dieting, and which can certainly contribute to weight fluctuations and low metabolism problems in the first place.

I read recently that people that don’t eat enough during the stabilization phase tend to have the most problems. I like to think of this phase as a template. Your body is now like a blank slate, and you are getting it used to metabolizing food in a healthy way. If you don’t eat enough, your body will gain weight more easily later. Another problem people tend to have is not getting enough real protein; from what I have read and experienced protein seems to really help with long term maintenance.

When you begin P4, you can continue to eat from the list of P3 foods except for anything that seems to make you personally gain weight.
What to eat on P3

Below is a list of foods I have used for myself and suggested to others to test during P4. I only included foods that I might actually eat. This list is only meant to give you an idea of what types of foods to eat and what types of foods to NOT eat.

P4 Foods to test

  • Artichoke
  • Bacon: I would stick with organic and all beef or turkey, rather than the processed stuff. Be sure it has no added sugar.
  • Cantaloupe
  • Dates
  • Edamame
  • Fats
  • Grapes
  • Half & Half
  • Honeydew
  • Hot Dogs: I would stick with organic and all beef, all turkey, or all chicken. Be sure that they have no added sugar.
  • Kiwi
  • Oils
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Tangerines
  • Watermelon

Test with Caution & integrate SLOWLY

  • Bamboo Shoots
  • Bananas
  • Green Beans
  • Butter
  • Cheeses: low fat in small amounts
  • French Beans
  • Nuts: VERY carefully! I find it really easy to quickly overeat any type of nuts. (*see note below on which nuts to avoid, any really fatty nuts)
  • Raisins
  • Salad Dressings: low fat, non dairy, low sugar, small portions (Make your own with ‘P4 approved’ ingredients)
  • Squash: varied types
  • Yogurt: plain, low fat or fat free only (try Siggis or Smari Icelandic yogurt with some Vanilla Stevia. YUM!!)


  • Beans & lentils of many types
  • Flavored Yogurts
  • Fried Foods
  • Honey, Molasses, Maple Syrup, Agave
  • Peas
  • Pinto or Black Beans
  • Popcorn
  • Refried Beans
  • Salad Dressings: pre-made types that are full of sugar or dairy.
  • Soy and Soy products (except edamame)


  • Alcohol of all types (wine, beer, mixed drinks, etc)
  • Drinks with any type of sugar in them, including drinks with honey, etc
  • Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk, etc
  • Heavy whipping cream


  • Dried Fruit
  • Plaintain Chips
  • Any really sweet or high carb/high calorie fruits

Vegetables & Beans

  • Corn in any form
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Anything starchy


  • Cashews
  • Macademia Nuts
  • All Nuts That Are High In Fats

Flour & Starch

  • Almond Flour
  • Breads of any type
  • Chips
  • Coconut Flour
  • Gluten Free Flour: has many types of starch in it (tapioca starch, etc)
  • Potatoes: white
  • Potatoes: Sweet
  • Wheat Flour
  • White Flour
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Popcorn
  • Rice of any type
  • Rice cakes
  • Tempura
  • Tortillas: flour
  • Tortillas: Corn
  • Etc

Most Sauces Have Sugar And/Or Flour

  • Alfredo Sauce
  • Barbeque Sauce
  • Curry Sauce
  • Panang
  • Teryaki Sauce
  • Tomato Puree: unless it is Tomatoes ONLY
  • Etc


  • Avoid any season with high amounts of sugar. Many seasonings have sugars and starches added, so be careful!

In addition to integrating foods slowly, I use protein days often during p3 and p4 whenever I need it, as an ‘avoid a steak day’.
How to avoid a Steak Day

I also use Steak Days when needed. I often avoid them by doing protein days regularly, however when needed, I definitely appreciate Steak Days. They work wonderfully.

I completed two rounds, and I stuck really closely to my LIW for the first 16-20 weeks after P2 both times. Anytime my weight hit that 2 pounds up mark, I did a Steak Day. I still use both of these methods to help me maintain my weight long term. They feel great, are easy to do, and are quite effective. 9 months after my last round, I am stable at 3 pounds above my LIW; I credit this to sticking strictly to the protocol for P3 & P4 as I have described, and to staying at my LIW for an extended period of time.

Please don’t take anything I say here as the ‘right’ way to do this. I really encourage everyone to read lots of blogs, read the original protocol, read Linda Prinster’s book, and use HCG Chica’s amazing web site as one of your main resources. Remember that ultimately, your own personal Blog insertprocess of trial and error will be your best teacher.

I wish you the best in your ongoing HCG journey! This protocol really can transform your life and your relationship to food and your body if you choose to take it on like that. You have worked really hard to get this far, I say GO FOR IT!

Let me know how it goes!

~inspired girl aka Barbara


  1. Hi ,

    I am thinking of going on the HCG. I had a question about exercising = Can I exercise if I wanted to in Phase 3 and 4 when I get to that? cause I only want to do one round of the HCG and then in phase 3 and 4 I wanted to lose more weight by just eating right and exercising. ( cause I would have more to lose ) OR do I need to wait to Stabilize my weight I have lose first ? so wait until I have stabilize what I have lost and do no exercising in phase 3 and 4 ? Then I can look into losing more on my own with out the HCG ?

    • Hi Laura,

      I do find that exercising in P2 slows down my weight loss AND I feel weak and tired and extra hungry from it. However, I have always restarted exercising as soon as I start P3 with no issues. I do start slow, and it takes about 3-7 days to get my strength back. I have read that some people report water weight retention and slight weight gains from exercise, however I have not personally experienced that.

      It is not recommended to try to lose weight in P3. The most important thing to do is to stabilize your weight so that your body gets used to the new weight. I do think that Dr Simeons OP suggests that once you complete 3-6 weeks of maintenance and stabilization, losing more weight is fine however he does caution to be careful to create a balanced and healthy slow weight loss program so as not to cause the same issues that created the original weight gains.

      I hope this helps; let me know what you think.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

      ~inspired Girl aka Barbara

      PS: I am not a doctor nor an expert in the field, and nothing I write here is ever intended as medical advice. I am just another HCGer who has had some success

  2. I’m thinking of doing another round of injections but my doctor was absolutely no help as he did not know much about the phases and often gave recommendations that were contrary to the book. I want to order my injections from someone who can also offer me a little support. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      HCGChica is the best. She is very knowledgeable about injections and where to purchase them, and her website if FULL of information. Definitely look her up!

      Good luck to you!
      and me know how it goes!

      ~inspired Girl aka Barbara

      PS: I am not a doctor nor an expert in the field, and nothing I write here is ever intended as medical advice. I am just another HCGer who has had some success

  3. Hi there – wondering if you can help me. I’m currently R1P2D20. I would like to lose another 6lbs and I’m debating whether I continue on this round or just call it a day after my 23 days. The challenge I have is that I am going away with hubby for a couple of nights for our anniversary in a few weeks and I was hoping to be at least out of P3 for that. We will be going to a Michelin star restaurant and are booked in for a 9 course tasting menu. And I really really want to go and eat what I want for the one night. Just wondering if it’s best to do this in P2 or P3? And how to recover. Thanks

    • Hi Farrah,

      Thanks for reaching out. Personally, I have found that it is much easier to do a full round, than to end one and restart later. It is such a commitment; I want to get the most out of each round.

      The bad news is that regardless of whether you are in P2 or P3, a 9 course tasting menu, with all the carbs (and fats in P2), you would likely gain ALOT of weight. Seriously. During P2, HCG in your system will just LOVE the FAT and in P3, if you eat starches and carbs, you would likely gain alot, that you might not lose. I could imagine easily gaining 3-5 pounds or even more from it. I have found that my weight is really unstable in P3 and into P4, and that it does take 4-6 weeks or more to stabilize.

      Keep in mind that the HCG protocol can be a permanent lifestyle change. For me, when I put all that work into it, and really commit to losing the weight and keeping it off, that is worth the work and the delay of gratification of not eating all the foods I want. If it were me, I would change the date of the restaurant to well after P4, and still be careful and very choosy about what I eat, being sure that it fits into your weekly food plan. I wish that I could tell you to just go ahead and eat whatever, but then HCG just becomes another yo yo diet. 🙁

      I hope that this helps!

      Let me know how it goes!

      Good luck,
      ~inspired Girl aka Barbara

      PS: I am not a doctor nor an expert in the field, and nothing I write here is ever intended as medical advice. I am just another HCGer who has had some success 🙂

      • I cannot thank you enough for that response. I really needed someone to categorically say “don’t do it” with a reason that makes sense. I’ve pushed our trip and dinner out a few months!
        Thank you!

        • I am so glad you found it helpful and my thoughts make sense to you. Good for you. and I bet you will enjoy that dinner much more when you know your weight is stable, and you have been POP instead of being anxious about the weight gain.
          Enjoy, and do let me know how it goes for you. 🙂

  4. Will you please provide the exact title of Linda Prinster’s book? Thank you. Love your blog. You look great.

  5. Love your blog and all your advice! You are amazing! Thank you

    • Dear Gloria,

      I am so glad that you love it! yea! Thanks so much for letting me know.

      Best to you,
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

  6. Hi, Barbara!

    I couldn’t find our original exchange, and so am posting here.

    I just wanted to say one of the things I am thankful for this year is support from amazing women like you as I completed my first round of HCG!

    I almost quit so many times, and I am SO GLAD I didn’t! I am now four weeks into P4, and couldn’t be happier! I began at 166.8 pounds, which was already a six-pound weight loss for me. (My highest weight in the past few years was 180.3.) After loading, I was 173.8. I have now been stable at 141.0 for more than two weeks. Previous to that, I was stable at 142.6 – 143.0.

    I have gone from a size 8/10 to a size 4. I have not been a 4 since my freshman year in college–so 22 years ago!

    The strangest thing to me is that I can eat a good amount of fat. I had some starch today (Thanksgiving) for the very first time. I pray I don’t gain!

    My neighbor didn’t recognize me the other day, and when I went to get a haircut, my stylist didn’t recognize me. It had only been seven weeks since I’d seen him!

    It was so hard to stay on protocol, especially when I was feeling tired and weak. But I definitely don’t feel either anymore. I am really happy and determined to keep the weight off, and thanks to you, I know it CAN and DOES happen!

    Thank you so much! I will check in again later.

    My best to you,

    • Dear Kali,

      I am so glad to hear from you, and YEA for you that you didn’t quit!!! WOW. So you lost over 30 pounds in addition to some weight loss prior to that? That is AMAZING!!!! Size 4???? You must feel great! I too find that I can eat fats with no problem at all. I can’t each much dairy, but butter, and oils, and fatty meats don’t seem to affect me.

      As you know, THIS now is really the hard part, and you are doing great! Staying stable through P3 and P4, you are doing GREAT! yea! Keep going strong. YES, it can and DOES happen!

      Thanks for checking in with me, and I am so glad to hear that you did so well. If you want, feel free to send some before and after pics, I WON’T post them! 🙂 My email is [email protected].

      Regardless, do stay in touch, and keep up the great work! LIFEchanging!!!

      Best to you!
      ~Inspired girl aka Barbara

  7. Hi there!
    I’m on R1P2D13 and so far it’s been a disaster! Only 4.5 lbs lost and as a result, I’ve lost motivation over the past 4-5 days and have fallen off the HCG wagon, so to speak.
    Any advice? Is it too late to jump back on?

    • Dear Deb,

      I don’t think it is necessarily too late to jump back on your HCG round… I have seen people lose it and get back to it and still be successful. I think it depends mostly on how motivated you are, and also, changing your expectations. People lose at different rates and different times … 4.5 in 12 days is an average of .38 pounds which is a FINE weight loss (since you are on day 13, your weight loss happened in 12 days prior).

      The claims of a pound a day, well, personally, I have just not seen that. Sure, sometimes people lose a pound or more in a day, but then they might not lose anything for a few days. My personal average was .33 per day, and most people that I have supported tend to lose around .4 or maybe .45. You have to think of the big picture. From what I have seen, women tend to lose about 16 – 20 pounds at most in 40 days.

      IF you are really motivated to get back at it 100%, I think it is worth a shot. Be sure that you are sticking the ORIGINAL protocol EXACTLY. (500 calories or less, no mixing vegies, no additional foods, etc). It makes a huge difference.

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes!
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

  8. What is a protein day?

    • Hi Dot,

      A protein day is an alternate form of correction day, and can also be used to ‘avoid’ a steak day. It is a day when you eat protein only, and maybe some simple vegies such as lettuce, spinach, asparagus, or brocolli. It can be an all egg day, a chicken day, or a combo. See my post on ‘How to Avoid a Steak Day’ for more info.
      I hope this helps!
      Good luck,
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

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