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Naci Astrological: Online Readings & Classes for Personal Evolution: What is Psychological Astrology?

Check out my new website! Naci Astrological. I am excited to be offering readings and classes online, including something new: Intuitive Consultations.

Often people ask me what makes Psychological Astrology distinct from Popular Astrology or Traditional Astrology. Psychological Astrology brings together Humanistic & Depth Psychology with Modern Astrology and your own inner wisdom. It promotes healing and transformation by exploring your inner life through the map of your Astrological Chart. It is not about prediction or fate, but rather it is intended to help you understand yourself on a deeper level including your general tendencies, your goals and talents, and your underlying needs, desires, motives, wounds, and fears.

While old style Astrology has often been viewed as simply labeling people in concrete ways that implied a fated destiny, Psychological Astrology uses metaphor & archetypes to help you understand why certain issues recur in your life. It offers possibilities for developing your strengths more fully while embracing and integrating with your weaknesses.

Readings focus on your own personal dynamics as represented by the chart archetypes – universally repeating patterns. The individual’s birth chart is considered a symbolic representation of a person’s psyche and inner dynamics, as well as their potential for creating and manifesting. Through this lens, your chart is a useful tool that offers insight into your personality and your purpose and journey in life.

Belief in free will, choice, and deliberation is fundamental to a Psychological Astrology reading. Rather than labeling your individual character traits as good or bad, you view them on a continuum from a low evolution to a high evolution. You can see where you are at on the continuum, and understand more clearly how you can use your strengths to evolve into your highest potential.

Your chart, when viewed from a depth perspective, supports you in living your life more freely and fully and in feeling more authentically connected to yourself, your family, your community, and your world. It can provide healing and transformation as well as clarity, validation, and inspiration.

A Psychological Astrology reading can lead to more self-acceptance and understanding as well as improved relations with others. I work with you to gain new perspectives on your underlying issues and life themes, stumbling blocks, and areas of untapped potential. This process of exploration can assist you in understanding your own nature on a deeper level and it can enhance your commitment to your own growth.

Most people know what their Sun Sign is. People will say “I’m a Taurus” or ‘I’m a ‘Scorpio’. The Sun Sign IS very important because the rest of the planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun represents our ego. It is the ‘I AM’ in our lives, our Yang Energy and the Masculine and we often identify with this part of ourselves.

Your Moon Sign is also a key part of your inner dynamics. It represents the inner feminine, the YIN, and your core irrevocable needs.

Keep in mind however that along with the Sun and the Moon, there are also 10 planets, all of which affect our nature, personality and inner dynamics. Each planet represents a core need or desire.

Imagine that you have all of these identities in your psyche, like one giant family or cast of characters. And like any family, some of them get along, some don’t, some are healthy and functional, and others operate at varied levels of dysfunction.

It is actually more accurate to say ‘My Sun Sign is Capricorn, my Moon Sign is Libra, and my Rising Sign is Aquarius and to then consider the placement of all of the planets and their relationship to each other than it is to just say ‘I AM a _____’.

By viewing all of your planets and signs in relationship to each other, you get a deeper understanding of both your conscious and unconscious motivations and easily find fresh ways to deal with ongoing struggles in addition to a deeper appreciation of your natural skills and talents.

I love the validation provided by each person’s Astrological Chart. It is amazing to witness people feel seen and heard on the deepest level. Often from just one reading, people find that they stop fighting with themselves, gain more energy, direction and freedom, and begin to enhance their natural gifts and talents, working to be their best selves and evolve.

My intention is to help you see the bigger lessons that are available to you so that you are clearer about what you want to commit to. It can also assist you in connecting more deeply with your soul’s intention, purpose and evolution. I am known for being quite direct and honest, and feel able to help you see both your challenges and gifts in a fun and empowering way.


Being unapologetically oneself can be considered a radical act.
Authenticity is outrageous, rebellious and is truly a revolution of spirit.





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