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A few thoughts about the Virus

A few thoughts about the virus. I have done my best to only read and listen to real information, not all the media hype. If you are wanting real info go to the CDC or WHO info pages.

  • Although it is not clear just how dangerous or serious the virus itself actually is, it is clear that it is highly contagious; it is spreading through droplets, surfaces & it may be airborne. It lives a long time in those environments. The predictions of how many of us will get it range from 30% to 80% of the population. Cases appear to have doubled every 10 days.
  • If you think 1% at risk for serious complications or death doesn’t mean much, consider that if even the lowest predictions are true, there could be 100K to 1 million people at risk in the US alone. Not only at risk from the virus but more importantly at risk because of a lack of access to medical services. Although we have no vaccine, things such as fluids and respirators can help.
  • The real and clear danger seems to be that we are not prepared with medical services for this many people who need care, and our hospitals and helpers may very well already be overloaded.
  • The best we can do as citizens currently is do everything we can to slow the spread. The chances that we each get it might be high, and for most of us, it might be mild. But the WHO and CDC are asking us to do our part in not spreading it. Which means, not gathering in groups, not traveling across state lines, practicing social distancing, and of course the OBVI of hand washing and sanitizing.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the incubation period can be up to 14 days, so any of us could have it or be a carrier and not know it for quite awhile. Please consider this possiblity when you are contemplating travel and social distancing, etc.
  • We are smart to cancel large events and group gatherings. At the very least we can slow it down. It just might be too little to late, but who knows?
  • The potential consequences of this to our global economy are unknown and could be life altering for all of us.
  • Panic, getting stressed and freaking out – never good ideas. Being smart and thoughtful, and deliberate in our behaviors as well as respectful of others who are at risk are always great ideas, especially in the face of what could prove to be a very challenging situation for all of us globally.

For what it’s worth, I cannot fathom the toilet paper hoarding. TP of all things? Thank goodness this is not like Captain Tripps / blu flu.

Love & Namasté & VIRTUAL hugs to all

~inspired girl aka Barbara

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