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The Radical Authenticity Workshop – A Transformational Personal Growth Seminar


Radical Authenticity is designed for anyone who wants more in their life. Whether you are happy and fulfilled in your life or if you are struggling in any area, this workshop will give you the space to peel away layers, get real with yourself, confront core issues, and show up fully in your life feeling empowered and alive.

Click here to contact me for more information or to enroll. You can also reach me at 805-899-1970.


*More passion and purpose in your life
*To experience a safe and clear environment in which you can heal and grow
*To transform and take charge of your life and live your dreams.
*Deeper, more fulfilling, honest connections with others
*Improved partnerships including attracting the right people, feeling more in alignment with your current partner, or simply experiencing more authenticity in all of your relationships
*Better communication that includes listening in a core way and resourcefully asking for what you want in order to feel heard and understood
*Time to explore, grow and expand into more of what is possible for you
*To experience more in your life everyday

If you are ready to experience levels of authenticity that can be considered RADICAL, OUTRAGEOUS, REBELLIOUS, and A TRUE REVOLUTION OF SPIRIT, JOIN US!


Arrival: Wednesday April 15
Workshop: April 16 – 19, 2020 (Thursday – Sunday)


Hotel Arrival: Wednesday, April 15 after 3pm
Thursday, April 16: 10:00am – 10:30 PM
Friday, April 17: 8:15am – 10:30 PM
Saturday, April 18: 8:15am – 10:30PM
Sunday, April 19: 8:15am – 5PM

*There will be 15 minute breaks at regular intervals, a 45 minute lunch break, and a 60 minute dinner break each day
*You can bring food, eat at the restaurant on site, or walk or drive to local restaurants, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes

WHERE: The Pepper Tree Inn: Santa Barbara

COST: $875

*$745 if paid in full by March 15th (*early bird discount)
*$795 if paid in full before the seminar starts
*partial scholarships & no interest payment plans are available, do not let money stop you!

We have rooms available at The Pepper Tree at a discounted rate.

We strongly encourage everyone to stay on site at the Pepper Tree. This will make a huge difference in your experience of this seminar.
*You will not want to be driving, or dealing with your normal day to day life during this intense retreat.
*Use this as an opportunity to focus on your personal development.
*It is great to have everyone stay on site. There are several hang out areas at the hotel where people can connect and relax during breaks.
*Staying at the hotel with others is a chance to BOND and to full immerse yourself in this seminar.
*You will gain time for sleep and relaxing, which are precious and rare commodities when participating because the hours are long and the day is very full.
*There are mini fridges & microwaves in the rooms


$169 per night plus taxes & fees = $192.36 per night per room
*if you would like to share a room, double occupancy is half the price, triple occupancy (limited availability) is 1/3 the cost.

Contact me and I will connect you with others who are interested in a room share.

Double Occupancy: $96.18 per person per night (Wed – Sunday = $384.72)
Triple Occupancy: (limited availability) $64.12 per night (Wed – Sunday = $256.48)


OR: Call The Pepper Tree and ask for Jesy or Gidget / 800-526-2282  ext 318

DATES: April 15-19 (Wed arrival, workshop Thursday – Sunday)

Reference The Radical Authenticity Weekend Block / Barbara Yaffee
*Our discounted room rate ends March 15, 2020


Change and transformation ARE possible. The opportunity to experience it is just around the corner.


Click here to contact me for more information or to enroll. You can also reach me at 805-899-1970.


“Barbara & Masen are generous and powerful teachers and guides. Their work is top notch, well organized, well thought out, presented masterfully, direct, healing, revealing, supportive, loving, compassionate, complete & life changing. They help their students to realize that it is they themselves who are doing the work!” Scott Carlson ~ Managing Partner

“Barbara & Masen are masters at guiding both the group as a whole and individuals through the tricky depths of an emotional morass. The honesty and courage they are able to extract from the participants is amazing”. C.W. / Attorney

Masen and Barbara have been married for over 27 years and leading workshops together since 1997. Their workshops are designed to inspire and motivate you to heal deep wounds, complete with your past, make new decisions in the present, and to live your life authentically with enthusiasm, passion and integrity.

The seminars provide effective tools for you to begin to ask the right questions and get a clear sense of what you need to do in order to feel empowered and able to create your life the way that you want it to be.

Barbara and Masen have devoted their lives to personal exploration and brought that commitment into their relationship and into their workshops.

They believe that it really is possible for you to maintain a high level of passion and excitement in your life.

With compassion, humor, love, and ruthless honesty, they provide a safe and clear environment for participants to heal, grow, and transform their lives through levels of authenticity that can be considered radical, outrageous, rebellious, and a true revolution of spirit.


Barbara Reiner Yaffee has been involved in the field of personal growth for over 35 years. She has been active in varied large group personal growth seminars as a participant, assistant, team leader, facilitator, supervisor and producer. Together with Masen, she has been producing and leading workshops since 1997 and on her own since 1985.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she maintained a private practice for many years, working with individual clients and groups. She specialized in working with women in healing their relationship with food and their bodies, training other clinicians in supporting clients in healing from disordered eating, and providing in-depth psychotherapy for a variety of issues. She has extensive experience with inner child healing, rebirthing, emotional release work, communication skills training, addiction recovery, and in supporting healthy relationships. In addition, she developed and taught a counseling skills training program and has directed and been involved with many non-profit agencies.

Although their workshops are NOT therapy, Barbara brings her extensive training and skills to this work. She is committed to supporting people in living their lives fully with integrity and passion.


Masen Yaffee has been involved with spiritual and personal growth work and trainings since he was 4 years old when he received a meditation teaching from an eastern guru, Maharaji. His life has been devoted to pursuing his own spiritual path as well as supporting others in finding their own way and being true to themselves.

He has participated, assisted, and facilitated at numerous seminars, including such varied topics as empowered speaking, goal achievement, communication skills training, and emotional release work.

Masen is a Licensed Avatar Master and Wizard; The Avatar Course is delivered internationally and is designed to teach people to seek out and discover beliefs that do not serve them, and to then create the beliefs that do. It also provides participants with the experience of themselves as “Source” of their Universe. Masen was licensed as a Master in 1992 and delivered courses for a number of years.

Masen brings his extensive experience as a teacher, mentor, and trainer to this work. He is committed to supporting people in working through their own blocks, in communicating through their blocks with others, and to supporting people in getting what they want in life.

Barbara & Masen live in Santa Barbara with their 3 kitties, Harley, Xena, & Spike.

Masen owns a web development company and is passionate about supporting people in growing their businesses.

Barbara produces, writes, directs and leads workshops, is an independent distributor for THE GEL, and she is a social media junkie and blogger. You can find her at as well as on Facebook and Instagram, and also occasionally on Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Their favorite pastimes include Soo Bak Do Karate (Masen) & Mysore Asthanga Yoga (Barbara & Masen), Knitting (Barbara), Flying Planes (Masen), Piano (Barbara), Singing (Barbara & Masen), Volleyball & Windsurfing (Masen), pampering their kitties, working on their computers, watching movies, and binge watching a variety of TV series. Barbara confesses that she binge watches teen coming of age shows such as ‘Gilmore Girls’, ‘Friday Night Lights’, ‘One Tree Hill’, and the ‘OC’, ‘Parenthood’ and ‘Party of Five’ while Masen tends to get lost in shows such as Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Justified and any and all Superhero and Sci Fi shows.

In addition, they are both passionate about wakeboarding in tropical locations, and occasionally snowboarding & skiing. They spend their summers working, wakeboarding & wakesurfing, and playing at their favorite lake on the Central Coast; Lake Nacimiento.








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