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The Gel is improving the QUALITY of my life: Homeopathic Transdermal HGH

I am a total skeptic. The only reason I started using The Gel is because a good friend I totally trust was using it, and she told me it was making a huge difference in many areas of her life. I also spent some time on a Facebook page with testimonials from 100’s of people describing what The Gel has done for them over the course of 1-6 months and more. It is clear to me that these are real people’s stories, not actors or fake photos.
I felt so much better in just 2 weeks on the Gel, that I decided to become a distributor. I have never sold anything like this before, but I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and I do believe that the Gel may be a game changer for many of us.
If you have questions or are interested, click here to contact me
Here is what I have personally experienced so far: (scroll down for a list of potential benefits)


  • Deep sleep with dreams, waking up a bit less
  • Wake up refreshed regardless of how much sleep I get
  • Wide awake all day, no mid day lag off
  • Clarity and focus greatly increased
  • Energy through the roof, I have a ridiculous amount of energy
  • Stamina & strength have increased, it was already good, but much better
  • I am all around ‘tougher’. I don’t’ feel as fragile
  • Improved mood, depression and anxiety lifted, Ongoing experience of just being happy, feel joy, gratitude, appreciation. My husband as noticed significant difference.
  • Positive energy, motivation increased
  • Vision and hearing already seem clearer. My perception is sharp and the world looks brighter and sounds are crisper
  • Vagina pain GONE I had lots of it from thin skin and other menopause issues
  • 2 long term sports injuries starting to heal
  • My piano playing has greatly improved. More dexterity, sight reading music better, more feeling and freedom. My piano/voice teacher says I seem more confident.
  • Notice a background of anger & fear greatly diminished (menopause issues)
  • perhaps an increase in my metabolism, seem to be digesting food better.
  • Experience levels of synchronicity and present time, like I haven’t in a long time
  • Much greater tolerance for cold, my bones don’t hurt like they have been hurting when cold for many years
  • More aggressive wakeboarding and exercise
  • Skin improvements; my skin is really soft, wrinkles less distinct, skin less droopy, more plump
  • Menopausal acne gone: I was breaking out often, and have had almost no breakouts since I started the gel!


  • The benefits from month 1 have continued
  • Hair: new baby hairs around my forehead where there have been super thin spots/receding hair line.
  • Yoga Injuries; Most are GONE. I am able to do many postures I have not been able to do since surgeries, in spite of trying everything to heal it.
  • Flexibility greatly improved
  • Pain relief: I have had hand discomfort and pain and was taking high does of supplements to relieve it. My hands feel much better and I have cut down on over 50% of the supplement already.
  • Eyelashes filling in
  • Hair has more body and bounce and is growing quickly. I think I am seeing less grey hair
  • Vericose veins in hands and feet are lighter, flatter, and thinner 
  • Physcial strength continuing to improve
  • Resourcefulness improving, things just don’t bug me as much

I have full confidence that I may experience the rest of the benefits in the months to come:

*weight loss or stabilization, increased sex drive, continued vaginal healing, hair rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, lowered medications, increased muscle mass and definition, cellulite diminishing, lowered cholesterol, blood pressure normalizing, etc.
The Gel is the FIRST FDA Registered, homeopathic, 100% safe, no side effects, Transdermal HGH: human growth hormone. It is not a pill, you apply it topically to your skin. The molecular breakdown of HGH found in the gel is a synthetic USP human growth hormone called Somotropin.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a single-chain peptide hormone produced from the pituitary gland, the master gland in the body. This is the hormone that helps you grow throughout childhood, hence the word “growth”. Around the age of 20 HGH is at it’s peak, and then plummets around the age of 25. This is when the aging process begins, as this hormone slowly declines for the rest of your life. 

Growing isn’t the only thing HGH is good for. Many experts say that elevating growth hormone when you are older can bring back your levels to when you were in your 20’s. Most people experience these amazing benefits in as little as 1-6 month

It affects almost every cell in the body, rejuvenatating the skin & bones, regenerating the heart, liver, lungs & kidneys, & prevents osteoporosis.  
It is the most effective anti-obesity drug ever discovered, reviving up the metabolism to youthful levels, re-sculpting the body by selectively reducing the fat in the waist, abdomen, hips & thighs & at the same time increasing muscle mass.  
It is cosmetic surgery in a bottle, smoothing out facial wrinkles, restoring the elasticity, thickness, and contours of youthful skin; reversing the loss of extra cellular water. It enhances excessive performance, allowing you to do higher intensity workouts of longer duration. It reverses the insomnia, restoring the “slow wave” or deepest level of sleep. It is a mood elevator, lifting the spirits along with the body, bringing back a zest for life that many people thought was lost forever due to age and/or illness.
This product has a 92% retention rate for use!!!  It could potentially take 3-6 months, depending on age, weight & health for someone to feel most of the benefits, although we have countless testimonials of people feeling them in less than 2 weeks!!
Healthy Levels of Human Growth Hormone May Offer the Following:
• May support better mood
• May promote hair growth
• May enhance libido
• May support greater muscle tone
• May improve memory
• May support healthier hair, skin & nails
• May increase joint mobility
• May increase fat loss (especially around the mid-section)
• May increase strength
• May increase bone density
In clinical human studies, continued use of HGH has been shown to offer incredible results. Many have noticed subtle to significant results in as little as a 6 month period, with each month adding new benefits to the previous months.
Here is what you may experience from the Gel:
1st Month
• May experience improved overall stamina
• May experience increased daily energy
• May experience deeper sleeping cycles
• May experience more vivid dreams (signifying REM sleep)
2nd Month
• May experience increased muscle definition
• May experience heightened libido
• May experience healthier skin
• May experience increased strength
• May experience healthy weight loss
• May experience improved vision
3rd Month
• May experience enhanced focus
• May experience hair growth
• May experience enhanced muscle mass
• May experience increased flexibility
• May experience healthier nails
• May experience improved joint mobility
• May experience an increase in sexual desire
• May experience alleviation in some menopausal symptoms
• May experience reduced PMS symptoms
4th Month
Previous months benefits are not only heightened, but also more consistent. Sometimes results may seem to vanish, but remember that your body may be utilizing the HGH hormone for tissue repair and new benefits may not appear right away. Tests indicate that overall benefits compound with continued use.
5th Month
• May experience significant but healthy weight loss
• May experience greater improvements in skin texture & appearance
• May experience greater elasticity in skin
• May experience reduction of the appearance of wrinkles
• May experience hair becoming healthier & thicker
6th Month
• May experience greatly diminished cellulite
• May experience improved immune system
• May experience diminished pain and general soreness 
• May experience wounds healing quicker
• May experience greater metabolic output
• May experience gray hair returning to natural color
• May experience reduction in LDL cholesterol
• May experience blood pressure normalization
• May experience heart rate improvement
The Gel Brochure:
If you have questions or are interested, click here to contact me
Best to you!
~Inspired Girl aka Barbara

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