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Personal Testimonial for the Gel

The Gel is changing the QUALITY of my life!
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Here is what I have personally experienced so far:
DAY 50: 7 Weeks on the Gel
  • Sleeping much more deeply; deep sleep with dreams, even when I wake up, I fall back to sleep easily.
  • Wake up refreshed regardless of how much sleep I get
  • Clarity and focus greatly increased
  • Energy through the roof, I have a ridiculous amount of energy better
  • I am all around ‘tougher’. I don’t’ feel as fragile
  • Improved mood, depression and anxiety lifted, (menopausal stuff)
  • Generally just super happy, grateful, joy, and feelings of appreciation
  • Positive energy, focus and motivation increased
  • Vision and hearing already seem clearer. My perception is sharp and the world looks brighter and sounds are crisper
  • Vagina pain alleviated tremendously; I had lots 3 different types of vagina pain, 2 are gone, and the other is greatly decreased
  • Long term sports injuries are starting to heal
  • My piano playing has greatly improved. More dexterity, sight reading music better, more feeling and freedom
  • Notice a background of anger fear greatly diminished, maybe completely gone (menopausal stuff).
  • I am way less cranky or easily agitated
  • Perhaps an increase in my metabolism, I seem to be digesting food better.
  • I am experiencing levels of synchronicity and present time, like I have not felt in a very long time ago
  • I have a greater tolerance for cold
  • More aggressive Wakeboarding , improvements in working out
  • Menopausal acne gone: I was breaking out often, and have had almost no breakouts since I started the gel
  • Skin improvements; my skin is really soft, wrinkles less distinct, skin less droopy, more plump, crows feet disappearing
  • Hair: new baby hairs around my forehead where there have been super thin spots/receding hair line.
In addition, I am experiencing what my husband describes his experience as a ‘higher level of consciousness’ that he is experiencing also. He has said that his memory and word recall has improved, as well as his focus, resourcefulness, and energy.
I have full confidence that I may experience the rest of the benefits in the months to come:
*weight loss or stabilization, increased sex drive, continued vaginal healing, hair rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, flexibility, wound healing, lowered medications, increased sexual desire, increased muscle mass and definition, cellulite diminishing, lowered cholesterol, blood pressure normalizing, etc.
If you have questions or are interested, click here to contact me
Best to you!
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