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The Gel Ingredients


Below is the ingredient list for The Gel

I found this, written by L’aura Aleksandra, on a FB page. She is a holistic health practitioner and her background is in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, herbalism (western and eastern), and massage.

Check out this amazing formulation by the Founder Alex Goldstein.
HGH: a hormone made in the pituitary gland that stimulates growth and cell regeneration. It regulates tissue healing, heart, brain and overall nervous system health, sugar and fat metabolism, muscle and bone strength, and the fluids in your body. Everything from your mood, to your sleep, your energy levels, your bone and muscular strength, your skin, your blood and your hair, relies on having healthy levels of growth hormone. This ingredient is somatropin, which is bio-identical to the growth hormone your body naturally already makes, and is dosed to provide you with the maximum therapeutic benefit of hgh without a prescription. It will not cause any side effects nor should it be a cause for concern to athletes worried about drug screens.
Thyroidinum: from the fresh thyroid gland of a sheep or cow. The thyroid regulates weight and metabolism, heart rate, digestion, body temperature, muscle contractions, and the rate at which dying cells are replaced in the body. This ingredient therefore may provide you with energy, reduce edema, balance your body temperatures and weight, relieve headaches, allergies and any spasmodic conditions, rashes, or menstrual discomfort, and may improve the look and health of your skin, hair, muscles, and eyesight.
Glandula Suprarenalis suis: from the adrenals of a pig. Without this ingredient, your adrenals might be stressed by the introduction of hgh, and so this ingredient ensures that they are supported and can do their job of properly regulating your metabolism, and controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure, etc. etc.
  • Aloe Vera: a powerful cooling herb which helps to absorb other nutrients and has been known to control blood sugar, increase energy production, promote heart health, and help with soothing skin ailments with its’ support of liver function.
  • Chaste Tree Fruit: this herb has been shown to help balance hormones released by the pituitary gland, and is also known for supporting reproductive health, lessening the symptoms of PMS such as headaches, bloating, tender breasts, hot flashes, inflammation, and irritability.
  • Ginko Biloba: an ancient herb (it was already around during the dinosaur era!) that has been shown to fight inflammation, improve brain function and memory, and reduce anxiety, depression.
  • Wild Yam Root: an herb known for its’ role in bone health, increased energy and libido, menstrual balancing properties, and digestive support.
  • Green Tea Leaf: loaded with antioxidants, shown to improve brain function, fat loss, lowers risk of cancer
  • Licorice Root: shown to be an anti-inflammatory and immune boosting herb, which also soothes the stomach, heart burn, and helps heal GI problems.
  • Horny Goat Weed (epimedium): known to enhance libido, relieve fatigue, help with nerve pain, arthritis, kidney and liver disorders, cancer.
  • Velvet Bean (murcuna puriens): great potential to heal nervous system disorders, depression, combat stress, enhance mood, help with addiction recovery, increase libido, and is anti-aging and body-building due to boosting hgh naturally in the body.


  • Acrylates: a salt or an altered organic compound called an ester, which has binding abilities.
  • Ascorbic Acid: a nutrient found in vitamin c, a water soluable antioxidant that helps heal wounds and has a large role to play in collagen production.
  • EDTA (edetate disodium): a chelating agent that cleanses the blood of heavy metals and lowers calcium levels in the blood, thus helping to strengthen bones.
  • Potassium Sorbate Extract: a safe food-grade preservative made from an inactive salt of sorbic acid that in the presence of water, dissolves and then is converted into the active form of sorbic acid at a low pH.
  • Phenoxyethanol: a non toxic cosmetic skin care preservative
  • Caprylyglycol: an alcohol-derived component found in many creams and ointments as an organic, antimicrobial skin conditioning agent. It comes from caprylic acid, a natural fatty acid found in many oils.
  • Sorbic Acid: a natural organic compound used as a food preservative.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: an inorganic compound used to control the pH levels in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • PEG 33, 8 dimethicone and 14 (polymers of ethylene oxide): emollient and thickeners found in skin creams and cosmetics, which helps to deliver other ingredients deep into the skin.
  • Tocopherols (soy): compounds that together make up a form of vitamin E, a fat soluble nutrient which helps to stabilize cell membranes. ***NOTE: vitamin e is derived from soy but this product contains no soy. it is 100% soy-free.
  • Natural Plant Extract: a substance that has a desirable property that is removed from the tissue of a plant and usually is treated with a solvent.

The Gel is Paraben and Sodium Laural Sulfate free and is made of non GMO ingredients. The animals used are all used for food and they are raised on high quality Australian pastures, are grass-fed and free range. 


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