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HCG Protocol: are shorter ‘short’ rounds (less than 3 weeks) effective?

I have always wondered if the HCG protocol really requires the full 3 weeks to be effective. My first round was 44 days, and I have completed other rounds that were between 25 & 28 days. I have felt successful at each round, and able to stabilize within 3-6 weeks after I completed P2 (phase 2, the VCLD)

Recently, for many reasons, I decided to try a 15 day round. I did not have much weight to lose, and I knew I couldn’t fit a 23 day round into my schedule.

I completed 2 days of loading, with drops, then 15 days of the VCLD with drops, and three days of what I call ‘limbo’; taking no drops but remaining on the VCLD to allow the HCG to leave my system.

Sorry to say, I can’t really recommend the 15 days for several reasons. One thing that I always appreciate about HCG, is that somewhere in that 3-4 week time frame, I lose all cravings for food. By the time I start P3, I just don’t care that much about food, except to satisfy hunger. That elimination of my food cravings just did not happen in 15 days.

In addition, I had a really hard time stabilizing, and never really stabilized at my LIW. My last round before this (25 days), I did not even need any steak days, I stabilized easily, and I could add dairy, as well as sugar and starch free smoothies with pure almond milk and approved fruit by week 2.

This time, I only stayed at my LIW for a few days.I quickly jumped up two pounds, and did a steak day, which helped, but then my weight jumped right back up quickly. This happened, even though I was eating a very strict version of P3. Even after 6 weeks, it really never stabilized; I did manage to stablize at my’ pre-round’ weight. Keep in mind that this occurred even with limited dairy and fruit.

This was really the FIRST time I have had these issues. P3 has always been pretty easy for me, if scary every time:} At times it it has taken awhile to fully stabilize my weight (up to 6 weeks), however my weight was never this volatile during P3.

I do think that the OP (original protocol) and Dr. Simeons is correct that it takes the full course of 23 days of injections or drops to be effective. I am not sorry I did it however, because my weight was creeping up from some hormones I am taking and medication adjustments. And I have always wondered about a shorter ‘short’ round.

What he suggests is that if you lose your weight in a shorter amount of time, increase your calories to 800 (with P2 approved foods) but stick with the protocol. I have done that and found it to be effective.

Of course, everyone is different! You can try it for yourself. For me, it could be that I am in menopause, and some adjustments in my medications and hormones. However, in the past, any weight gain I have had from medication adjustments has easily been clear up with a round of HCG.

If you have completed a shorter ‘short’ round, or you do one in the future, please do let me know how it goes. Everyone is different, and i love passing on good information to others.

Let me know how it goes!

Good luck,

~inspired Girl aka Barbara

PS: I am not a doctor nor an expert in the field, and nothing I write here is ever intended as medical advice. I am just another HCGer who has had some success 🙂


  1. I’m happy you are here for us! I am doing well and was curious about repeating this summer for 21 days…my problem is I cannot seem to find the drops now–the real drops the HCG and not herbs, additives…so, if you are in the know, I’m all ears! I know the FDA was pulling the shots; but I’m wishing to find drops….thanks! You inspire me! 🙂

    • HI Sharon,

      The company I was using stopped producing it awhile ago, so I tried Miracle Skinny Drops (MSD). Yes, they have real HCG in them, it is potent, and I really like the company. They are very helpful, and they ship quickly. I have been very happy with them.

      I am so glad that you find my posts helpful and inspiring! Thanks for saying that.

      Good luck, and do let me know if you try MSD, and how it goes. I have had great success with 21 day rounds, I have often done 25 days.

      Best to you,
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara!

    Thank you for being our “guinea pig” on this experiment. I am so sorry it didn’t work out as you had hoped. I sure appreciate you giving it a go and letting us know your results. You are wonderful! I hope your next endeavor is successful.

    • Thanks Barbie =) Yes, it was a good experiment, but not one I would try again! I have every confidence in HCG, and still find the OP (original protocol) to be the most effective.

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