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HCG How to do a Steak Day: P3 / Phase 3 Maintenence


If you ever get to 2 pounds over your LIW (Last Injection Day Weight), It is important that you do a steak day THAT DAY. Do not wait!
*If you wait, the weight won’t just drop off, it will go from ‘temporary storage’ into ‘long term’ storage and you will need to change your LIW.

From what I have read and experienced, the traditional HCG Steak day gets the best results of an immediate weight drop when you are 2 pounds over your LIW.

Instructions for a traditional HCG Steak Day

  1. Eat nothing all day until at least 6pm.
  2. Drinks TONS of water, green tea, some black coffee. No sugar or milk products.
  3. Dinner: Eat a VERY large steak with a large tomato or an apple

Any steak seems to work from what I can tell, but feel free to test your favorite steaks on different steak days to see if your results vary.

    • Rib Eye, New York, Filet, Top sirloin, Porterhouse, T-Bone, etc all seem to be fine.
    • I do NOT think that meat such as Tri Tip, Hamburgers, Brisket, or Prime Rib are good options however.

I do think that the Steak Day described above does achieve the best results. However, I have included some alternatives that can have a positive result and a good weight drop. I have found most to be effective.

Alternates to Steak on a ‘Steak Day’

  • Substitute the steak with roasted chicken but eat a BIG portion, ALOT
  • Substitute the steak with eggs: 6-10 eggs

Some people find that they can divide the protein into 2 meals, and have 2 apples.
*if you choose this option, it is a good idea to eat a small to medium size piece of steak or chicken however, rather than the VERY large piece recommended in the traditional Steak Day.

  • Lunch: steak or plain chicken and an apple
  • Dinner: steak or plain chicken and an apple

I find that eliminating fruit works best for me personally

  • Lunch: steak or plain chicken and asparagus or spinach
  • Dinner: steak or plain chicken and asparagus, spinach, or tomato
  • Alternate: Eat 3 eggs 3 times throughout the day

You might also test turkey instead of chicken, as long as it is plain: this doesn’t work for everyone. You will have to test this out for yourself.

You might want to you try some of these methods and other alternatives to a steak day, when you are 1.5 pounds over, and see which protocols work best for you personally, before you ever hit that ‘2 pound’ over mark.

If you are wondering when to throw out the 2 pound rule for using Steak Days, check out HCG Chica’s post on ‘When to Throw the 2 Lb Rule Out the Window’. It is really useful 🙂

Good luck! Enjoy your exploration! Let me know how it goes.

~Inspired Girl


  1. I need to go a steak Day in phase 4.

    Apples tend to make me gain weight; I am not fond of tomatoes.

    Can I do cucumbers or broccoli instead of an apple or a tomato?
    just do steak on a steak day?

    • Hi Mary Jane,

      I have had really good experiences eating some vegies instead of an Apple or Tomato on a Steak day. I would eat something more substantial than cucumbers, however, if it were me. Broccoli, Asparagus, even a small salad with just some oil and vinegar seems to work well for me. Everyone is different, for sure, but I do think it is worth a try.

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes!
      Best to you,
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

  2. I’m a week into P3 and struggling to consume >1000 calories. I don’t have much of an appetite & my work days are really busy so at the end if the day when I go over my food journal Mott calorie intake is low. I’ve gained 3lbs so am giving a steak day a try. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your help, I really enjoy your blog!!

    • HI Tanya,

      I am sorry I took a bit to reply, I was gone. How did your steak day go?

      I find that WHAT I eat is at least as important as the amount of calories. I know that it has taken me 1-2 weeks to get my appetite back after each round (I have completed 3 rounds), and also quite awhile to stabilize, and to be able to eat a normal amount of calories for me (approx 1600).

      Double check and be sure that you are beging super strict on P3. See my post on what to eat:

      You will notice that I am stricter than most. I just find that during those first weeks of P3 and P4, I gain weight easily. NO SUGAR, STARCH, DAIRY, NUTS, etc. With time, I HAVE stabilized, EVERY TIME, but it just takes time and patience. Fluctuating in P3 and P4 is normal!.

      Good luck, and let me know how you are doing.
      Best to you,
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

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