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I can’t help myself. I teach. I always have. In high school, they used to call me the computer that wore tennis shoes.  Seriously. I would walk around the class (in decker sneakers of course) and help the other students with their geometry. I invited all my friends over for pizza and chemistry homework help on a weekly basis. One of my nicknames was ‘Sai Babs’ and my workshop junkie friends had a joke, that when they didn’t know how to support others, they would ask themselves, ‘How would Barbara do it?’

As soon as I learn something, I find myself in a position to teach it to others.

I am not an expert on anything and I don’t want to pretend to be. What you find here in my blog are my personal experiences and antecdotes from others that I have learned from. Nothing I say is meant to be ‘believed’ or followed. My main intention is to support people in coming up with their own answers. I love encouraging people to question themselves, to contemplate, to discuss, to think, to feel, and to re-evaluate. I love supporting people in making their own choices.

In developing this blog, I knew it wouldn’t be any fun or hold any interest for me if I had to limit it to one topic. I have many varied interests, all of which I love to share about, teach and explore.

Who am I?

  • I am a teacher.
  • I am a married woman with 21 years of marriage and a passionate loving husband.
  • I am a transformational relationship seminar leader.
  • I am a menopausal woman who still thinks I have a right to act like I am in my 20’s

I am also:

  • An HCGer
  • A person who once had cancerDSC_3660 Small
  • A social media junkie
  • A blogger
  • A lover of Mysore Astanga Yoga
  • A recovered eating disorder person
  • An ex therapist
  • An obsessed knitta
  • An obsessed kitty lover
  • A wakeboarder
  • A photographer & video editor
  • A lover of graphic design
  • A psychological astrologer
  • A spiritual seeker
  • A workshop and seminar junkie
  • A goofball
  • An opinionated spewer of words
  • A humble teacher who is inspired to teach everything I learn and who loves empowering people to be the best that they can be.

Who I am will hopefully come across in these pages.


~inspired girl











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    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your interest! You are now subscribed.

      Take care!
      ~inspired girl aka Barbara

  2. Great info. Thanks for the info. On dosage. Hcgchica referrred you to me. I guess my main concern is the lack of energy I have. I’m r1ph2d19
    Down 14lbs. I’ve not lost anything in four days. I do see sculpting in my waist. Looking for some B12- mine had alot of other ingredient in it, like milk ana lactose. Would you recommend Iron?

    I’ve tried adjusting timing of dosage because my work sch and type of work is strenuous. I hungry at night, when I get off work at midnight. Usually up till 4 am till I wind down. This was the time frame I ate in the past. Now I’m eatting my last meal at 7 pm. When midnight comes I’m hungry oft at least the is the habit I had and breaking it has been insightful. Would like to know if I can chg. Meal times later. Or a snack at midnight? What would be good. Or should I take another set of drops. At this time? I’m using omni. Another question is I’d dosing four times how far apart should the last dose to the nxt one be? Thanks Rhonda
    [email protected]

    • Hi Rhonda!

      That is GREAT! 14 pounds in 19 days? whoa! That is about .74 pounds per day. Just so you know, my average was around .33 per day (over 6 weeks). Most women tend to lose around .35 – .4 per day. Do not worry about a stall. From what I have personally seen and read about, many people hit a stall around day 12 to day 17. You are still losing fat. And you are on the right track. Just hang in there! Stay on track, and stick exactly with the protocol.

      I personally did not take B12, however, I really like whole food forms of vitamins and supplements that have NO junk in them. I have heard that many people find that B12 really helps a lot. I know that HCG has some B12 recommendations on her site.

      Iron? I would think you would want to get a blood test to see what your iron levels are, are you anemic, etc? Sometimes, iron needs folic acid to metabolize, so adjusting your folic acid intake can help. I think iron is something to be careful with and get input on. I was anemic in the past and the one thing I found from taking iron is that I got stomach cramps and also really bad constipation (which of course some people get from HCG). I would def get input on this, and be careful about it.

      On both of my rounds I broke up my meals AND my drops to 4 times a day. In addition you have to be very careful to NOT eat or drink ANYTHING before or after your drops, for at least a half an hour. Did you see my post on this? I think it is really helpful, and will answer all of your questions:

      Try my method. Yes, break up your meals to 4 times per day, and yes break up your dose to 4 times per day. And yes, for you, I would adjust your eating and dosing around your wake/sleep schedule for SURE!

      Try to do your doses approximately every 4 hours or so. Eg, if you wake up at 11, dose 1 at 1pm, dose 2 at 6pm, dose 3 at 10pm, dose 4 at 2pm (assuming you go to sleep at 4am.)

      If you make these adjustments, and you are still hungry, try adjusting your dose. I found that even 1 or 2 drops made a difference in my hunger. If you are too hungry, your weight loss will slow, plus it is painful!

      I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!
      Inspired Girl ~aka Barbara

  3. Wow!!! GeePee, I am truly honored! Made me cry. Thank you for acknowledgement, I am touched. xoxo

  4. So … you already know I think you are awesome, but I also think that you are an inspiration. As you know, I write a Word Press blog and they have this peer recognition thing/award. Just wanted to let you know that I am awarding you the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story!

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