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I can’t help myself. I teach. I always have. In high school, they used to call me the computer that wore tennis shoes.  Seriously. I would walk around the class (in decker sneakers of course) and help the other students with their geometry. I invited all my friends over for pizza and chemistry homework help on a weekly basis. One of my nicknames was ‘Sai Babs’ and my workshop junkie friends had a joke, that when they didn’t know how to support others, they would ask themselves, ‘How would Barbara do it?’

As soon as I learn something, I find myself in a position to teach it to others.

I am not an expert on anything and I don’t want to pretend to be. What you find here in my blog are my personal experiences and antecdotes from others that I have learned from. Nothing I say is meant to be ‘believed’ or followed. My main intention is to support people in coming up with their own answers. I love encouraging people to question themselves, to contemplate, to discuss, to think, to feel, and to re-evaluate. I love supporting people in making their own choices.

In developing this blog, I knew it wouldn’t be any fun or hold any interest for me if I had to limit it to one topic. I have many varied interests, all of which I love to share about, teach and explore.

DSC_3660 SmallWho am I?

  • I am a married woman with 29 years of marriage and a passionate loving husband.
  • A obsessed kitty mama
  • A Transformational Relationship Seminar Leader.
  • A teacher who is inspired to teach everything I learn and who loves empowering people to be the best that they can be.
  • An Intuitive and educated Astrology chart interpreter & teacher
  • An Intuitive Guide
  • A spiritual seeker
  • A blogger
  • A recovered eating disorder person
  • An ex therapist
  • A person who once had cancer
  • An HCGer
  • A menopausal woman who still thinks I have a right to act like I am in my 20’s

I am Passionate About:

  • My Husband
  • My Kitties
  • The Computer, my iphone, my techno gadgets & social media
  • Mysore Ashtanga Yoga
  • Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing & tubing
  • Photography, Graphic Design & Video Editing
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Workshops, Personal Growth, Spiritual Expansion
  • Knitting
  • Playing the Piano, Singing & Music

My Career History Includes:

  • Creating, Writing, Producing, Directing & Leading Workshops
  • Teaching Counseling
  • Teaching Yoga
  • Running Organizations
  • Being a Private Practice Therapist for Individuals, Couples & Groups
  • Working inpatient Recovery for Teenage Alcoholics and their families
  • Managing Group Homes
  • Restaurant Management & all aspects of Restaurant work 

Who I am will hopefully come across in these pages.


~inspired girl










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