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What does it take to remain in love with your partner long term?

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What does it take to remain in love with your partner long term? My husband and I, when we were first married, heard someone say ‘tolerance’. At the time, being the naïve personal growth workshop junkies that we were, we were horrified, thinking that ‘tolerance’ meant barely putting up with each other. To us, ‘tolerance’ was just a form of settling. Of course, we were not about to settle for anything less than perfect. After 23 years of marriage, we can both now say that...

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Why men can’t win an argument with a woman

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I recently saw a number of posts that talk about the inability of men to win an argument with a woman. Most were pretty disparaging of women. Some of these articles were funny and written with humor, however most implied somehow that women are overbearing, impossible to deal with, illogical, and unrealistic. Some stated that women ‘speak nonsense’ and ‘repeat themselves’. They also made points such as ‘women base their arguments on emotionality only.’ Several discussed specific...

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Men have needs …

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Men have needs. This comes as no surprise to women, but men have needs too. The problem is, it comes as a big surprise to most men. Men are taught from a very young age that having needs is weak. Can you imagine a professional football player stopping play in the middle of a game because he needs to communicate a feeling. “Hey ref, I feel really inadequate and ashamed when you call holding on me. I was just trying to feel closer to the other team.” Or how about on the battlefield. “Captain, I...

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How can I love my partner so much when I hate them so much right now?

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What do I do when I hate my partner who I really love? I recently received an email from a good friend asking me this question. How do you deal with your feelings when you are enraged at your partner? What do you do when you are triggered, hurt, feeling betrayed, and most of all when you are sure that you are ‘right’ about what the other person did to you? This really is the greatest challenge of long term partnership. Part of what makes it so difficult is that when triggered often enough,...

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A wife’s response to ‘spreadsheet’ guy – he tracked his wife’s excuses to not have SEX

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Huff Post Women recently posted a spreadsheet, that was supposed to have been written by a man and then given to his wife as she was going on a business trip, documenting all the times that he tried to initiate sex with her over the course of 6 weeks and her excuses not to. According to the spreadsheet, they had sex 3 times, in spite of his repeated attempts. Apparently, she posted it, implying that he was pointing out only moments that she didn’t want to have sex in the exact moment...

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HCG Phase 4 / P4 – WEIGHT LOSS Maintenance: how to do it and what to eat

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Congratulations on making it through the HCG protocol and phase 3! HCG can be really challenging, and it takes focus, discipline, personal growth, and a serious intent to get this far. Yea! The second 3 weeks after HCG, P4 (P3 – part 2 as some people call it), is just as important as the first three weeks of Maintenance (Phase 3) in stabilizing your weight. I encourage you to take it seriously. Give your body the time it needs to adjust to your new weight, and take time to develop new...

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