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How can I love my partner so much when I hate them so much right now?

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What do I do when I hate my partner who I really love? I recently received an email from a good friend asking me this question. How do you deal with your feelings when you are enraged at your partner? What do you do when you are triggered, hurt, feeling betrayed, and most of all when you are sure that you are ‘right’ about what the other person did to you? This really is the greatest challenge of long term partnership. Part of what makes it so difficult is that when triggered often enough,...

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Embrace your inner ‘Bossy’ Girl

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I am really having difficulty with the ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign that has been going around the Internet. Really people? What idea makes people think that the word is the issue? Or that removing a word will change the way that women, or anyone for that matter, are treated? Because if this is true, why not ban any words that can be used in a harmful way. Does calling someone fat or ugly cause an eating disorder? Let’s ban those words. And in the meantime, let’s get rid of the words jerk, idiot,...

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Finding a Soul Mate

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People often ask me how to find a soul mate. How do you connect with a partner who matches you? I don’t necessarily believe that there is just ONE soul mate out there for each of us; on the contrary, I think that we have many soul mates, twin souls, and potential partners. Part of what is difficult in responding to this question is that timing is important. Perhaps when the time is right, it happens. For example, I didn’t meet my husband, Masen, until I was 34 and he was 22. Before meeting...

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About Me

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I can’t help myself. I teach. I always have. In high school, they used to call me the computer that wore tennis shoes.  Seriously. I would walk around the class (in decker sneakers of course) and help the other students with their geometry. I invited all my friends over for pizza and chemistry homework help on a weekly basis. One of my nicknames was ‘Sai Babs’ and my workshop junkie friends had a joke, that when they didn’t know how to support others, they would ask themselves, ‘How...

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Men have needs …

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Men have needs. This comes as no surprise to women, but men have needs too. The problem is, it comes as a big surprise to most men. Men are taught from a very young age that having needs is weak. Can you imagine a professional football player stopping play in the middle of a game because he needs to communicate a feeling. “Hey ref, I feel really inadequate and ashamed when you call holding on me. I was just trying to feel closer to the other team.” Or how about on the battlefield. “Captain, I...

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HCG Diet: Stalls, Frustration, and Fears, O MY!

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At some point on the HCG diet, almost everyone has ‘stalls’, in other words, days when you don’t lose any weight on the scale. Most people, regardless of knowing the logical reasons for the standstill, get angry, frustrated, or scared that the protocol is not working. In addition, if the stall goes on for awhile, which certainly can happen, or your weight loss seems to be happening more slowly than you expected, it is easy to think that the HCG protocol doesn’t work,...

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