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A wife’s response to ‘spreadsheet’ guy – he tracked his wife’s excuses to not have SEX

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Huff Post Women recently posted a spreadsheet, that was supposed to have been written by a man and then given to his wife as she was going on a business trip, documenting all the times that he tried to initiate sex with her over the course of 6 weeks and her excuses not to. According to the spreadsheet, they had sex 3 times, in spite of his repeated attempts. Apparently, she posted it, implying that he was pointing out only moments that she didn’t want to have sex in the exact moment...

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Why men can’t win an argument with a woman

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I recently saw a number of posts that talk about the inability of men to win an argument with a woman. Most were pretty disparaging of women. Some of these articles were funny and written with humor, however most implied somehow that women are overbearing, impossible to deal with, illogical, and unrealistic. Some stated that women ‘speak nonsense’ and ‘repeat themselves’. They also made points such as ‘women base their arguments on emotionality only.’ Several discussed specific...

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HCG P3: What foods can you eat? Approved HCG Phase 3 foods and a sample menu & meal plan for maintenence

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Getting started in P3 can be scary. No one wants to gain their weight back. Take a few moments to read my blog post on getting started if you haven’t already. It really helps to be prepared and take it slowly. Getting started in P3 What foods should you actually eat on P3?  The most important thing to remember is this: do not eat any  SUGARS or STARCHES. If you are strict about this, in addition to limiting dairy, nuts, sweet fruits, and starchy vegetables, you will do well on P3. In...

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HCG: dosage: hunger, adjusting your homeopathic dose, and a sample meal plan

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One of the more challenging aspects of using HCG is getting your dose right. Everyone is different, and most people have to go through a period of trial and error to find the right amount to use. In addition, your correct dose can change over time because of your weight loss or because  your body accommodates to the amount you were originally taking. It really is vital to have the right dose. Being hungry is not only painful, it is counterproductive to your goals on HCG. When your dose is...

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How can I love my partner so much when I hate them so much right now?

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What do I do when I hate my partner who I really love? I recently received an email from a good friend asking me this question. How do you deal with your feelings when you are enraged at your partner? What do you do when you are triggered, hurt, feeling betrayed, and most of all when you are sure that you are ‘right’ about what the other person did to you? This really is the greatest challenge of long term partnership. Part of what makes it so difficult is that when triggered often enough,...

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Embrace your inner ‘Bossy’ Girl

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I am really having difficulty with the ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign that has been going around the Internet. Really people? What idea makes people think that the word is the issue? Or that removing a word will change the way that women, or anyone for that matter, are treated? Because if this is true, why not ban any words that can be used in a harmful way. Does calling someone fat or ugly cause an eating disorder? Let’s ban those words. And in the meantime, let’s get rid of the words jerk, idiot,...

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